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Benefits of eating Peanut chikki and disadvantages.

What is Peanut Chikki.

Peanuts (Arachis hypogea) are rich in essential nutrients with several health benefits. They are also known as groundnuts, goobers, and earth nuts (though they are actually legumes and not nuts). They are known to have originated in South America and are usually consumed roasted, like butter, or in their raw form.
Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet (brittle) generally made from nuts and jaggery/sugar.There are several different varieties of chikki in addition to the most common groundnut (peanut) chikki. Each variety of chikki is named after the ingredients used, which include puffed or roasted Bengal gram, sesame, puffed rice, beaten rice, or khobra (desiccated coconut), and other nuts such as almonds, cashews and pistachios.

In regions of North India, especially Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this sweet is called Layiya Patti. In Sindh  and Sindhi regions of India, it is called Layee or Lai  and in other north Indian states, it is also known as gajak or maroonda. In Bangladesh, it is known as gur badam. In South Indian states of Telangana  and Andhra Pradesh, it is called Palli Patti. Similar dishes are also very popular in Brazil, where it is known as pé-de-moleque, and in Paraguay, where it is called Ka'í Ladrillo.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Peanuts?

● It is good for the heartPeanuts contains a high level of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that has the ability to maintain a healthy heart.
● Increases energyPeanuts are widely known because of its ability to boost energy. Peanuts are consist of a huge number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that are most important source of energy.
● It helps in weight lossPeanuts have been studied in related to the maintenance of weight. It has a lot of calories and fats but it does not affect the increase of the body weight.
● Fights cancer cellsIt is consist of polyphenolic antioxidants that is beneficial in stopping gastric cancer and it can also help in lessening the production of carcinogenic nitrosamines.
● Prevents gallstones Regular consumption of peanuts can effectively lessen the chance of having gallstones. Studies have shown that only 30 grams of peanuts a day can help you in decreasing the risk of having this condition by 25%.
● Improves memoryPeanut are usually called as the “brain food” due to its Vitamin B3 that is extremely excellent for brain function as well as to improve memory.
● Fights against depressionSerotonin is a chemical that is indeed significant for the brain that can actually help in regulating the mood.
● Supports pregnancy and protects the babyEating peanuts during pregnancy can also decrease the chance of some common allergic illnesses just like asthma in children.
● Prevents AlzheimerAccording to a lot of studies, consuming foods that contains a huge amount of niacin just like peanuts can reduce the chance of having Alzheimer disease by at least 70%.
● Makes the skin radiant and tonedThe ingredients that can be found in peanuts has the ability to make the skin shiny and bright.
● Prevents wrinkles and agingEarly signs of aging just like the discoloration, wrinkles and decreased elasticity of the skin is one of the most biggest cosmetic issue.

Side Effects of Peanuts.

Along with all the stated benefits, there are certain side effects associated with Peanuts, which can prove to be harmful in the following conditions:

Peanut Allergy: Consumption of peanuts comes with its pros and cons. People suffering from Peanut allergy should not consume peanut and food items that contain peanut products may trigger a hyper-sensitive response from the immune system of the body in individuals who are allergic to peanuts. Peanuts may also cause stomach aches, vomiting and swelling of the throat and lips, which may further lead to chest congestion, breathing problems and even mortality.

Produce Toxins: Peanuts crops are highly susceptible to fungal or mold infection, especially caused by Aspergillus flavus, that promote the production of the toxin called aflatoxin in the body. Aflatoxin is known to be a powerful and dangerous carcinogen, which can cause cancer and liver cirrhosis. People are thus advised to roast the peanuts before eating them, as this can help to reduce the toxicity of the nuts and make them safer for consumption.


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