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Excessive use of mobile phone may be a risk to your health.

The effect of mobile phones's radiation.

Cell phones are one of the great sources of radiation in life. Without radiation, cell phones would have no signal, and the worse the signal or the lower the battery, the higher the radiation.
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Researchers at Universidad de Granada in Spain say the short wavelength blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones during charging can disrupt the body's production of melatonin, affecting metabolism and contributing to obesity and diabetes.

Data show that mobile phones in the upper pocket, easily lead to heart disease. Mobile phone in trouser pocket can easily cause infertility and so on. To reduce cell phone radiation, you can use Bluetooth headset or earphone line as much as possible.

In addition, if there is a malfunction in the charger or the phone's hardware while the phone is being charged at the head of the bed, it may cause injuries. Although the odds are extremely low, this kind of news still exists. People still need to be careful, it is best not to put the phone at the bedside to charge.

Effects Of Mobile Phones

1.Teen Tendonitis (TTT):

What is the impact of mobile phones on young people’s social life? Teenagers are totally addicted to texting. Excess messaging can lead to Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It can cause pain in the hands, back and neck due to poor posture. It can also lead to impaired vision and even arthritis down the line.

2.Risk Of Cancer:

Research shows that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones get absorbed in the tissues when we hold the phone for longer times. The nervous systems of teens are still developing and have a greater risk of developing brain cancer from cell phones than adults.

3,Effects of mobile phones during pregnancy.

Excessive and increased use of mobiles in the long-term can trigger insomnia, which leads to reduced bone density and brain activity as well. This is likely to be detrimental to foetal brain development and may result in behavioural issues like hyper activity. Global studies have proposed that lengthy exposure to mobile radiation during pregnancy can alter the gene sequence in mitochondria of the expected mom which may travel to the baby, affecting its DNA and lead to the developmental of degeneration illness in the child. Higher rate of exposure to radiation during pregnancy can also change brain activity of the pregnant women causing fatigue, anxiety, reduced memory and sleep disturbance. Constant and continued exposure to radio waves during pregnancy can interfere with receptors of the human body and may initiate an increasing risk of cancer.
Pregnant women should consult with their physicians if they have any concern about radiation exposure to their foetus.

4,Neck Pain.

When it comes to texting, Ireland is one of the top countries globally based on texts per person. This may seem like a harmless activity, but when you consider how much time we spend with our necks pointed downward, you can see how it might contribute to neck pain. When texting, we tend to tilt our head forward at a 60 degree angle, which puts our neck under a lot of extra strain. Although we probably hunch too much when staring at our phones in general, it is when texting or typing that we hunch the most, so make an active effort to hold your phone at eye level.

5.Head ache

Incorrect posture through overuse of mobile phones, tablets or laptops is more and more frequent and another of the consequences of these awkward postures is headache (tension headache) or even a feeling of dizziness because of the contraction of the suboccipital muscles that facilitate our head movements, if we spend a prolonged period of time looking at the screen of a device. An awkward posture can also cause pressure in the ears and eyeballs.


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