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Purslane benefits and nutrition-Kashmiri called (Nunar)

Purslane facts and health benefits.

Purslane, also called Portulaca oleracea, is plants consider a weed in the United States and it is found in most gardens. Believed to have come from a desert in North Africa, it has aggravated gardeners around the world because it can be rather invasive. It spreads out before it gets taller, so it can cover quite a bit of ground. Also known as little hogweed, verdolaga, common purslane, portulaca, and pursley, purslane adds a somewhat tangy note to soups and stir-fries, and its juicy leaves can be used to add texture to salads. It is a wild-growing succulent plant is also completely edible, and it’s delicious, too. Apart from culinary facets, it is also an all-around healthy food which contains a whole range of health-boosting nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals. Cupcake Peachy Purslane, Pazzazz Deep Pink Purslane, Pazzazz Salmon Glow Purslane are few of the popular varieties of Purslane that is grown worldwide.
Purslane benefits and nutrition-Kashmiri called (Nunar)
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Nutrition Facts.

The stem and leaves of purslane are jam-packed with important and essential nutrients. The plant is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and offers plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. It also boasts a handful of important minerals.

100 grams of raw purslane contains about:

Health benefits of Purslane?

  1. Purslane has a laxative effect and helps to relieve constipation effectively.
  2. Purslane prevents high blood pressure and high cholesterol as it contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. It prevents heart problems by inhibiting and treating inflammation and also manages normal functioning.
  4. It improves and maintains normal functioning of the immune system and eliminates free radicals from the body. This herb increases the body's strength to fight against infections.
  5. Purslane fights and eliminates carcinogens from the body.
  6. It improves dental and bone health.
  7. Nerve, blood, and muscles functioning can be improved by the consumption of this herb.
  8. It increases hemoglobin production in the body by increasing the iron absorption.
  9. Purslane helps to repair damaged tissues in the body.
  10. It helps in the breakdown of cholesterol and fats, preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  11. Visual health can be improved and maintain by this herb and is also important for cell and bone growth.
  12. It is used to treat various types of headaches.
  13. Fever and its associated symptoms can be relieved by the use of Purslane.
  14. It can help to maintain blood sugar level in diabetic patients as Purslane support body's own insulin supply.
  15. As it prevents inflammation so this herb can be used to treat psoriasis. Purslane relieves itchiness, scales, and redness due to psoriasis.
  16. It kills or stuns the growth of the bacteria in the body and prevents various bacterial infections.
  17. This herb has diuretic action which helps to eliminate the excess of water from the body and maintains kidney functions. It can be used to treat various urinary tract infections.
  18. Purslane effectively treats a dry cough and relieves shortness of breath.
  19. Cooling and soothing effects of this herb help to relieve pain and burning due to burns and insect stings.
  20. It treats abnormal uterine bleeding.
  21. This herb has wound healing properties and can be used to heal wounds by applying topically on wounds.
  22. It can be used for a face mask as Purslane refreshes, cleanses and tightens the skin.
  23. Purslane is used to treat inflammation of the breasts and hemorrhoids.
  24. It kills and eliminates the intestinal worms.
  25. This herb can be used to treat depression as it has anti-depressant effects.



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