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The Worst Foods for Your Immune System

Immune system.

One of the most important things to keep on top of for preventing regular common illnesses is your immune system. Your immune system acts very much like the military, in that it defends you against foreign invaders to prevent disease and common illness. Immune fighting vaccines have been around for over two millennia, but it is now easier than ever to help strengthen your immune system yourself. 

Having a strong immune system can inhibit colds, flus and infections and there are only a few ways you can boost your immune system. Getting enough sleep, managing stress, washing your hands regularly and partaking in regular exercise are a few ways you can improve your immunity. 
The Worst Foods for Your Immune System
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However, a key thing to integrate into your daily routine is a healthy balanced diet of superfoods rich in immune boosting nutrients. There are many foods that have immune boosting properties from fruits and vegetables to teas and spices. Certain foods contain vital properties like vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work wonders for boosting and maintaining a strong immune system.

Adding a few of these a day into your diet can help inhibit future immune deficient illnesses and help treat existing ones.

Taking these things weakens immunity.

1. Alcohol or Smoking.

Any type of intoxication can affect your immune system. These can not only weaken your immunity but can also cause many more problems. One should always stay away from alcohol and smoking. If you also want to keep your immune system strong then stop consuming these things today.

2. Caffeine rich things before bed.

Often people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee before bedtime. By doing this, your immune system can become weak. By the way, you should not consume caffeine, but if you do, then you should avoid consuming it before bedtime. It is directly related to your sleep. Consuming caffeine before bedtime can disturb sleep and poor sleep can cause weak immunity.

3. Processed Foods.

There are some things that can make immunity weak. These include processed food. Approximately every processed food contains a lot of sugar, refined carbs and preservatives which can weaken the immune system. Stop consuming processed foods from today. With this you can keep your immune system strong.

4. Refined Foods.

More refined foods can be harmful to your overall health. If you take refined foods then your immunity may be weak. Refined foods can cause imbalances in intestinal microorganisms and important collagen bacteria. Reduced refined foods such as maida, white bread, sugar are better for your immune system.

5. Fast Food.

Most people like fast food, but these foods can weaken your immune system. Fast foods provide high amounts of calories, fat and sodium. These foods are low in nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Instead you should eat green vegetables and fruits. Fast food can be the cause of weak immunity.



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