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Vinger and it's health benefits

What is Vinegar?

Vinegar was used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It served as a flavoring agent and medicine alike. The production is vinegar is quite similar to the production of the vine by fermenting ethanol and acetic acid bacteria. Moreover, manufacturers are now producing vinegar from various sources such as sugarcane, rice, malt, coconut, kiwi, apple, raisin, dates, honey, beer, and palm.
vinger and it's benefits
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Nutritional Value of Vinegar

100 grams of vinegar contains following nutrients

*Acetic acid 5 g
*Calcium 7 mg
*Carbohydrates 1g
*Energy 21 Kcal
*Iron 0.2 mg
*Magnesium 5 mg
*Phosphorus 8 mg
*Potassium 73 mg
*Sodium 5 mg
*Sugar 0.4g

Surprising Vinegar health Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol Level

Vinegar will help you to lower the triglyceride levels in the body. Hence, by consuming white vinegar, it helps you to prevent certain health problems caused by high level of cholesterol such as heart attack and strokes.

Promotes Brain Health

It is recommended to consume white vinegar since it has been known to have a benefit in promoting the brain health. As a result, it improves the cognitive ability and produces the important building blocks of brain tissues called sphingolipids.

Acts As Antioxidant

What is actually the benefits of an antioxidant food source? Indeed, the antioxidant contained in foods consumption will help to prevent the damaging effects of oxidation process in the body. Also, antioxidant play an important role in promoting the body health. Further, it shows that antioxidant fights free radicals and maintaining the good health. Hence, by consuming white vinegar, it will help you to have a great source of antioxidant.

Cures Hypertension

With a decent amount of acetic acid, white vinegar is known to be extremely useful in fighting a wide range of symptoms related to hypertension and rennin. These conditions tend to have a direct association with several chronic health conditions.

Fights Cancer

Several studies indicate that a wide range of antioxidants provided by white vinegar are extremely useful in dismantling tumors and cancer cells. In particular, rice vinegar is widely known to reduce the risks of colon, prostate, bladder, and lung cancers.

Helps Burn Fat

Like sugar and cholesterol, your body starts accumulating fats, which can get extremely severe if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Excess of fat in your body can invite harsh complicated health conditions such as obesity.

Dieticians suggest that regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can prove extremely beneficial in burning unwanted fats. Also, it helps to enhance your metabolism, thence supporting your weight loss goals.



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