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Health benefits of kiwi fruit: Also benefits during pregnancy

Health Benefits of Kiwi fruits

Health benefits of kiwi fruit: Also benefits during pregnancy
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Kiwi fruit has high nutritional content which provides about 273% of daily recommended value of Vitamin C which enhances immune system and prevents colds and flu. It has impressive amounts of Vitamin K that assist in coagulation of blood or blood clot. It possess ample amounts of Vitamin A which is great for bone, skin and development of tooth, prevent macular degeneration and also protects vision. Copper is helpful for the children and supports in healthy development of infants. With high content of Vitamin B6, it supports immunity and folate prevents the risks of heart disease, birth defects and cancer. Antioxidants found in Kiwifruits helps to neutralize free radicals that damages cells and causes inflammation and cancer. The moderate consumption of Kiwifruit helps to gain maximum health benefits which are discussed below:

1.Manage blood pressure


Along with a boost to immune system, it also helps to manage blood pressure. The study conducted on 2014 showed that bioactive compounds found in three kiwis a day reduces blood pressure effectively. It lowers the chances of health conditions caused by high blood pressure such as heart attacks and strokes. Kiwi has high content of potassium which has a vital role in body cells that helps to maintain balance of body fluids as well as electrolytes. It normalizes heart rate and blood pressure by neutralizing sodium effects.



Kiwi fruit is also abundant in fibres. High fibre diet prevents constipation, bloating  and helps maintain a normal bowel movement pattern. Apart from fibres, Kiwis are rich in digestive enzymes like “actinidain” which acts on the breakdown of proteins in our diet. Elderly persons suffering from constipation have benefited from Kiwi fruits due to it’s mild laxative action.
The low glycemic index of Kiwi fruits makes them safer in diabetic patients.

3.Heart Safety


High sodium (salt) intake is highly associated with high blood pressure. High sodium levels in our body means that the potassium levels would be compromised. Kiwi fruits are rich in potassium (about 250mg in one fruit) and are thus helpful in maintaining the normal body electrolyte balance. In this way Kiwi fruits helps maintain a normal blood pressure.

High potassium, high fibre and normal blood pressure are the three factors which protect your heart and it is only nature’s wonder that all these factors are packed in the small Kiwi fruit!

4.Kiwi Juice Uses For Hair Growth:

The vitamin E levels of nutrients in kiwi juice are what will work in enhancing hair growth. By fulfilling the need for vitamin E in the body, the hair can grow really fast. A glass of kiwi juice is needed for the achievement of this goal in a visible manner. This should be done each day on a routine basis.

5.Fights off Stress:

Not only does kiwi juice helps in restoring the right balance in the electrolytes in the body but also helps in fighting the stress from the body and the mind. Serotonin is an enzyme present in kiwis and known to enhance the mood. This will also keep you away from getting depressed.

Benefits of Kiwi Fruit in Pregnancy:

The kiwi fruit contains following nutrients which are beneficial for pregnant women.

Folic Acid -

Kiwi is rich in folic acid which is very important nutrient required to be consumed by pregnant women. Folic acid ensures the proper development of the basic vital organs of a baby in the womb. Folate is a member of the B vitamin family and is the most important nutrient for producing and maintaining new cells. Adequate intake of dietary folate is necessary to prevent birth defects in unborn babies such as Spina Bifida, which is a medical terminology used to refer spinal cord that has not been developed fully.
Doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women and all women of childbearing years take extra amounts of folic acid. Women planning to have a baby must include foods rich in folic acid in their diet at least a month or two before conception.



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