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Allergy: types,causes,Signs & Symptoms,

What Is Allergies?

Allergy: types,causes,Signs & Symptoms,

Allergies occur  when your immune system overreacts to substances called allergens. Common allergens that can trigger allergic reactions include pollen, pet dander, and bee venom. People also have allergies to certain foods and medications.

Types of allergy

Skin Allergy: An allergy in the skin can be seen in the form of bumps, itching, and redness. Some common types of skin allergies are atopic dermatitis, hives, and contact dermatitis and latex allergy.

Drug Allergy: If you develop rashes, bumps or find difficulty in breathing after taking certain medicines, a person can have a drug allergy. As with other types of allergy , these symptoms can occur when your body’s immune system becomes sensitised to a foreign substance in the medicine, perceiving it as a foreign invader and hence releases chemicals to defend against it.

Seasonal Allergies: In case you sneeze and cough or your nostril and eyes itch and are runny at some point of certain times of the year, you could have seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergic reactions, like other allergic reactions, increase when the body’s immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something within the surroundings.

Signs & Symptoms

For Common Allergies

  1. Sneezing. Watery eyes. Cold symptoms that last longer than 10 days without a fever. Dark circles under the eyes.

  2. Frequent throat clearing. Hoarseness. Coughing or wheezing.

  3. Skin rash.

  4. Loss of smell or taste.

  5. Ear and sinus infections occur again and again.

Signs of a Severe Allergic Reaction

  1. Shortness of breath. A hard time breathing or swallowing. Wheezing.

  2. Severe swelling all over, or of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat.

  3. Feeling dizzy, weak, and/or numb.

  4. Pale or bluish lips, skin, and/or fingernails.

  5. Cool, moist skin or sudden onset of pale skin and sweating.

  6. Fainting. Decreasing level of awareness.


  1. Allergic rhinitis. This is caused by breathing allergens from animal dander; dust; grass, weed and tree pollen; mold spores, etc.

  2. Asthma.

  3. Food allergies. Common ones are milk, fish, nuts, wheat, corn, and eggs.

  4. Skin allergies.

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