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Raisins: Benefits,Nutrition facts,Benefits That You Should Know About.


Raisins are dried grapes that are also used as a dry fruit. They are included in cookies, candies, and most of the Indian sweets during Indian festivals, and they can also be eaten raw.

When raisins are dried under the sun or food dehydrator, the sugar within them crystallizes making it high in carbohydrates. Therefore, raisins are high in sugar.

Though raisins are small in size and high in sugar but are also a storehouse of immense energy and health benefits. They include a large number of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrate content in them.

According to the USDA nutrient database, raisins contain 30% of fructose and 28% glucose, but these sugars can be balanced by soaking these fruits into hot water.
Raisins: Benefits,Nutrition facts,Benefits That You Should Know About.
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Raisin Nutrition

Raisins are a compact powerhouse of nutrients and minerals which help maintain and improve several body functions. And if you’re having second thoughts about adding them to your diet because they’re too sweet, raisins just might surprise you. A 1.5 oz standard serving of raisins would yield:

✓129 Cal energy
✓1.32 g protein
✓1.6 g fiber
✓22 mg calcium
✓0.81 mg iron
✓322 mg potassium
✓5 mg sodium
✓1 mg vitamin C
✓2 mcg folate

Raisin Water Benefits That You Should Know About.

• Liver Detox- Raisin water stimulates a particular biochemical process in liver which results in enhanced purification of the bloodstream. This help in easy digestion as well as maintaining Liver health as raisin water is rich in minerals and vitamins.

• Increased Heart health- Apart from purification of bloodstream, raisins/ raisin water helps in maintaining heart health, it reduces your triglyceride levels and helps in elimination of bad cholesterol apart from a clean gut and enhanced digestion. This all contributes to a healthier heart.

• Reduces Acidity- As we have been stating that Raisin water increases digestion, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps in the segregation of stomach acids during digestion process which enhances the absorption of nutritional components, it helps you process your food better and thus better nutrition along with no acidity issues.

• Blood Purifier- Raisins have been suggested by doctors and medical practitioners since long for increased hemoglobin levels and purification of blood. Raisins are grapes, rich in vitamins and minerals and less sugar as they are dried. They have all the goodness sans the sugar.

• Increases Metabolism- As discussed above, it helps in digestion and also acts as liver and heart detoxifier, keeping all our vital organs up and healthy. It has a rapid and positive effect on body metabolism too.

• Natural Colon Cleanser- Raising water every day for four days will give you best body cleansing results that too as a bi-product Better digestion and great metabolism means a healthy gut.

• Perfect Antioxidant- It is grapes that we are talking about, as we all know that grapes are a great resource of natural Bioflavonoids, which are the best natural antioxidants that protect us from free radicals and help us with an enhanced defense system.



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