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What are the harmful effects of excessive use of mobile phones?

Effects of Smartphones on Your Health

What are the harmful effects of excessive use of mobile phones?
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In recent years, public fears over the radiation emitted from cell phones have led to several theories about the health conditions this radiation might engender.

Almost invariably, the assertions that the use of cell phones may lead to a higher risk of brain cancer, that their use by pregnant women may result is badly behaved children-- even a video that suggested that the waves from two cell phones could be used to cook an egg -- have been discredited by scientific investigation.

Mental Laziness

Mobile devices don't just offer distraction these days. You no longer have to memorize phone numbers or keep a Rolodex on your desk—all that information is neatly stored on your phone’s contact list.

Instead of mulling over questions you might have about the world around you, you can just grab your phone and Google the answers. Instead of trying to remember important appointments, meetings, or dates, you simply rely on an iPhone app to remind you of what you need to accomplish each day.

Lowers concentration

Excessive mobile phone use leads to poor concentration. Having your phone out whilst doing homework or revision can make students perform 20% worse. The authors of this study go on to state that “the mere presence of a cell phone may be sufficiently distracting to damage attention".

Neck Pain

When it comes to texting, Ireland is one of the top countries globally based on texts per person. This may seem like a harmless activity, but when you consider how much time we spend with our necks pointed downward, you can see how it might contribute to neck pain. When texting, we tend to tilt our head forward at a 60 degree angle, which puts our neck under a lot of extra strain. Although we probably hunch too much when staring at our phones in general, it is when texting or typing that we hunch the most, so make an active effort to hold your phone at eye level.



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