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why the risk of Heart attack arise in winter and precautions.

Heart Attack in winter.

why the risk of  Heart attack arise in winter and precautions.

Cold weather can lead to health issues, but there are other problems that might arise not from the cold itself but from our responses to the weather, such as when a sedentary person or a person with a heart condition goes out and shovels snow.”
Cardiovascular death rates are an average of 26 to 34 percent higher from January through March, according to a four-year study. of 1.7 million death certificates in a variety of warm and cold U.S. locations. These included Massachusetts, Southern California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Washington and Pennsylvania. The causes of death were heart attack, heart failure, stroke and a general “cardiovascular disease” category.

Tips and warning for winter

Keep your heart going strong this winter with these tips from Dr. Howe:

  • Before tackling an outdoor task or activity, warm up first by going for a short, easy walk. Ease into your activity.
  • Try not to overdo it and take frequent breaks during your activity.
  • Dress warmly and in layers, but avoid overdressing which can lead to overheating. Wear fabrics that wick the moisture away from your body.
  • Cover your face and mouth with a scarf or mask. This is important because breathing in cold air can lead to the heart’s coronary arteries to narrow, which raises the risk of angina (chest pain) and blood clotting.
  • Listen to your body. If you are concerned, talk with your doctor or seek immediate medical attention.

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