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Oregano oil benefits: Nutrition and side effects

Oregano oil benefits

Oregano oil is a highly beneficial essential oil extracted from oregano leaves. Oregano is a plant native to higher altitudes and normally grows in the mountains, which is how it is named “oregano”, meaning “delight of the mountains”.The oregano plant has been used as a spice for thousands of years, and the best oils come from Greece, Turkey, and Israel. The active antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients are the organic compounds carvacrol and thymol.
Oregano oil benefits
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According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), oregano oil is taken orally to treat upper respiratory and lung disorders like cough, asthma, or bronchitis. It can also be taken to relieve indigestion, menstrual cramps, urinary tract infection, headaches, and pain from various conditions. 

Oregano essential oil is known for various health benefits. It can protect your body from infections that are caused by bacteria, viruses and even fungi. This oil is a known anti-parasitic, which means that it can help you eliminate worms and bugs from within your body and protect you from harm.

Oregano essential oil is known emmenagogue and is extremely beneficial to women with irregular periods or early menstruation. It has strong antioxidant properties and can protect you from cancer and macular diseases. It aids digestion as well.

Furthermore, oregano essential oil is an effective anti-allergenic and can provide relief from pain as well. Finally, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help you with various respiratory diseases as well.

Nutrition found in oregano oil.

According to USDA data, 1 teaspoon of ground oregano provides approximately 5 calories and 1 teaspoon of oregano leaves provides only 3 calories. Most of the calories come from carbohydrate in the form of fiber, but oregano is not a good source of fiber.6

A teaspoon of oregano leaves will help boost your vitamin K intake, providing about 14 percent of your recommended daily intake. You'll also benefit from a boost in vitamin A (2 percent of your recommended daily intake), vitamin C (1 percent), Vitamin E (2 percent) folate, niacin and vitamin B6 (1 percent each).

Minerals in oregano include calcium (27.6 mg), iron (0.8 mg), magnesium (4.7 mg), phosphorus (3.5 mg), potassium (29.2 mg), sodium (0.3 mg), manganese (0.1), and small amounts of zinc, and copper.

Health benefits of oregano oil.


Oregano oil is potent antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect the body from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.

Oxidative stress may lead to increased DNA damage and cell death. Oxidation may also play a role in other issues, such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, and some cancers.

Thymol and carvacrol are powerful antioxidants that may help reduce oxidation. The researchers suggested that further studies explore safe doses for regular use.

2.Treat Cold

If you have symptoms of cold and are feeling congested due to the cold, then you should look for the information on how to use oregano oil for cold. Oregano oil is one of the natural remedies that you can try to get rid of cold and its symptoms. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil help in bringing the maximum relief in the problem of cold. Other than this, the antioxidants available in oregano oil also help in curing the cold and its symptoms.

3.Cleans your body

Among the health advantages of oregano oil (produced from oregano) is, it will kill dangerous organisms within our body. A suggested dose of the oregano oil consumption is proven to destroy numerous unwanted organisms both outside and inside the body just like tape worms, round worms and so on.

4.Natural Antiseptic

Toothaches and gum disorders are some of the pains you would need and want an antiseptic for. Thymol, an antiseptic is found in oregano oil and for this reasons makes it an excellent natural antiseptic.

To use oregano oil for a toothache you’ll want to rub the oil around the infected tooth. However, it can be quite potent, if you find it strong considers mixing with a bit of olive oil. The same applies for diseased gums, rub oregano oil on the gums several times a day. This should kill the infection as well as reduce the pain. However, it would be wise to still visit your dentist to find the underlying problem.

Possible Side Effects

Taken in amounts regularly found in food, oregano and its essential oil are considered safe.There are some concerns about taking oregano oil in medicinal doses for certain populations. As with all essential oils, oregano should only be taken internally if directed by a healthcare professional.

✓Oregano may cause an allergic reaction in people who have an allergy to plants in the Lamiaceae family, which includes basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, hyssop, thyme,lavender and perilla.

✓Oregano oil taken in medicinal amounts should be avoided during pregnancy due to concerns about miscarriage.

✓People with bleeding disorders should not take oregano oil as it may increase the risk of bleeding. Similarly, discontinue use of oregano oil two weeks before scheduled surgery due to concerns over bleeding risk.

✓Oregano oil may decrease blood sugar in people with diabetes and should be used cautiously.



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