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Things You Should Avoid On An Empty Stomach

7 Things You Need To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

Things You Should Avoid On An Empty Stomach

Empty stomach is just as dangerous a situation. The activity we do both before and after a meal can impact our health in a huge way which is why we should always maintain a balance. While there are things never to do on a full stomach, an empty stomach is way more dangerous for certain thing. Here are things you should never do when you are on an empty stomach. The implications can be anything from nausea, to erosion of your stomach lining and bloating or flatulence.

1. Take Medicine
Taking medicine on an empty stomach comes first on this list because it can be incredibly dangerous! Taking antibiotics or aspirin in this condition can wreak havoc on your intestines, which can lead to serious issues such as stomach ulcers.
Certain medications, according to Medical Daily, also need to be taken with food so that your body can absorb them better. Heed the word when you are instructed to take medication with food!

2.Drinking coffee or Tea
 Often, people use to drink coffee or tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Most of you could not digest it, right? Well, it is highly recommended not to have tea or coffee on an empty stomach as it could interrupt your digestive system and create many health issues. This occurs because of an increased acidic level of the body which could even make you vomit. But then, if you really wish to have tea or coffee on an empty stomach, ensure to have a glass of water in the morning before sipping it or have some biscuits along with it.

3.Spicy Food
 Chillies or spicy foods are naturally pungent and can trigger indigestion if eaten on an empty stomach, leading to acidic reactions and cramps.

Consuming fermented milk products such as yoghurt on an empty stomach makes the lactic acid bacteria present in the yoghurt, ineffective due to high acidic levels of the stomach. Moreover, due to the high acidic levels, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which leads to acidity.

Bananas are one of the best known diet foods. It satiates, assists in relieving constipation and is considered by some health experts to be a super food. However, bananas contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium which can lead to an imbalance of magnesium and potassium in blood if you eat bananas on a completely empty stomach. Bananas are a prime example of eating the right food at the wrong time.

6.Heavy workout
You do not lose more weight by exercising on an empty stomach. In fact, you lose muscle mass when you work out on an empty stomach when you do heavy workouts.

Our bodies need proper nutrition with the right amount of fat and protein, so an attempt to exercise without eating will increase your chances of passing out.

7.Processed Sugar
 Love drinking a large glass of sugary fruit juice in the morning? Well, maybe you will change your mind when you know that excess sugar on an empty stomach can harm your liver and pancreas over the long run. It’s as bad as drinking a bottle of wine first thing in the morning. All that sugar can also give you gas and make you feel bloated. And sugar in processed foods like pastry and doughnuts is doubly bad because some kinds of yeats used in these inflame your stomach lining and cause flatulence.

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