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Diabetes:Five simple health tips to manage diabetes


It is widely believed that diabetes is the result of excessive sugar intake. But, one needs to understand that it is actually a “lifestyle disease” caused by following an “unhealthy lifestyle”, said nutritionist Munmun Garewal in an Instagram post. Therefore, a few tweaks in one’s lifestyle can help manage the condition. Explaining more about what one can do to control the onset of diabetes, she listed simple measures that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine.


“Let’s get this straight first: diabetes is not caused by eating sweets or consuming sugar. It is really a ‘lifestyle disease’ i.e. the consequence of following an unhealthy lifestyle. Adopt appropriate lifestyle changes that focus on eating right, exercising consistently and regulating bed timings,” she wrote.


Eating is not grazing. Eating as per hunger ensures that we are not starving and eating at the right times while keeping blood sugar steady.

Carbohydrates are essential for diabetics. Just stay away from the processed/refined variety like biscuits, cookies, muffins etc.

Adding fat to a meal lowers its glycemic index (GI). More the fat, the slower the sugars (‘carbohydrates’) are digested, and lower is the glycemic index. Add ghee, nuts and seeds to your meals.


Protein helps increase insulin-sensitivity. Have wholesome meals like khichdi kadhi, rice dal, rice dahi, egg and roti so as to have an optimal or complete protein profile.


The American Diabetes Association advises to perform 150 minutes/week of exercise. Get moving! Incorporating strength training into the workout regimen is crucial to increase insulin sensitivity. Structured and progressive strength training improves how the body uses insulin and allows glucose to get around the body better.

Good sleep

Insufficient sleep or sleeping at irregular hours causes our ‘body clock’ to malfunction and consequently affects the natural, biological processes such as secretion of insulin that are ‘programmed’ into the human system. Make sure to get good, restful sleep daily. Equally importantly, make sure to go to bed and get up at the same time so that the body is fully in sync with the body clock.

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